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Thought I'd say Hi


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It seems silly to say hi again, so hello! I've been playing MMORPG's for a few years now, and even played 1.0 for quite a bit. ARR never really interested me, no particular reason why, but apparently I've been subbed since launch. Noticed the charge by chance last week, and well, if I'm paying for it I'll try it. So far I absolutely love it, and it's a well done game. Story driven progression is a little bothersome, but something I can handle.


Probably most importantly, despite my years of MMO's, I've never actually roleplayed. I've played on RP servers with friends, I've watched, I understand basic etiquette and all of that. Still, don't really know where to get started. Where physically to go for RP, how to go about finding a good guild (FC/Linkshell system a little weird to me, but either of those) or if that's even necessary, and how to really develop a character backstory I like. 


Open to any tips, advice, links (Not already in Welcome area), or just random information. So, thanks!

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