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Blades of Eternity


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Become a knight of the Blades of Eternity!


This is an IC project of my character Izanami Stormcaller, seeking any adventurer who might dream of fancy being a knight. Izanami has made this linkshell after being told that there is very little possibility of her becoming an actual knight, since she is an Au Ra. She wishes to create an order of knights that are greater than simply what Ishguard or another nation could offer. If you are interested or if your character is out to right to right the wrongs of the world, Please join up!



If your character joins they are a Knight of the Blades of Eternity.



This is a strictly IC Linkshell and your character must be invited IC by Izanami Stormcaller (Balmung) or an appointed officer. This linkshell is all about adventure RP, finding monsters, fighting monsters, IC dungeoning, and exploration missions. 



How to join:

Send me a PM that includes your in-game name and times that you can play (please include your timezone).



((Balmung Server Only))

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