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To Kill a Raven - Open Party Weekend

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~This is an OOC Event.~


When: At 4PM Pacific Standard Time, and on Saturday, August 11th. Starting time at the latest is 6PM Pacific.

Where: Rivenroad (Gridania Airship Docks)


I will be hosting a party that will try to defeat Darnus in a timely fashion, complete with strategies and walkthroughs. People who have beaten Darnus previously and are familiar with the strategy are encouraged to come help out. The goal is to help those who have yet to beat Darnus gain the achievement, as well as experience the fight.


Presently, there is a waiting list already being formed, and I hope to have two parties or more going at the same time to try and beat Darnus.


Send me a Tell ingame @ Feral Ren, or send me a PM here if you want to be added to the waiting list, or if you want to help run a Darnus party.


See you there!

-Feral Ren

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