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The Last Word and Meteor Storm!

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From the pen and ink of Kipih Jakkya comes the latest report: Travelers and militia alike have reported seeing imperial airships flying in formation over Mor Dhona, as well as reports of a massive Garlean fortress appearing in the western area of the region, seemingly overnight! I wont say too much on the matter, as even remembering the details sprouted goose flesh on my arms and shocks of uneasy nerves up my spine!
It's too early to know for sure, but the threat of an all out invasion seem imminent.




In another, seemingly unrelated event, an article written by Oliver Goodfellow of Gridania's tabloid,
The Raven
, talks about a meteor storm that took place over Coerthas that caused a fairly goodly amount of destruction to the region. It is still unsure what caused these celestial objects to crash to the earth in this manner, but concerns have arisen; a
Twin Adder
scouting party in the region has failed to report in, creating unrest in the
Adders Nest
for those who wish to read further into this matter.






I tried a different approach to news that relates to in-game events by posting it in an in-character manner, as a messenger of sorts, from a mysterious benefactor. Mostly mysterious because I have no idea who's talking, lol. If my news topics are too frequent, or this is undesirable, let me know. I'm trying to keep up with stuff that's posted to the lodestone as it comes up, so those who don't frequent the site, get the news. Thanks.


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