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Hi, nice to meet you !


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As the title says, Hi guys, nice to meet you !


MMORPG Background : Despite having played Ragnarok Online eight or nine years ago ( ten ? I don't know...), FFXIV is roughly my first MMO.


RP Experience : I've been roleplaying for... Five or six years now. Mostly on RP forums, but also on FFXIV for a year and a half, and GMing Shadowrun for friends of mine.


Characters info : Natsume is a tall and fearsome Raen... But his behaviour is not exactly the same as his appearance. He's the son of an Othard's village's chief, and was supposed to inherit the title, but he was way too Much adventurous for that life. He left is village at the age of nineteen and has been struggling since to join Eorzea, looking for the white city of "Loomsa Lasinma" he heard of from his aunt. He finally arrived to Ul'dah after two years of getting lost and is now the bodyguard of a young Xaela doing a pilgrimage to learn Thraumaturgy.


How did you learn about the coalition : Well, me and my friend (the Xaela) have been roleplaying on Moogle and Cerberus for a year and a half, but in french. But as the french RP community grew weaker and weaker, we decided to try and join the English RP community that's mostly embodied by the coalition.


What kind of roleplayer are You ? As most people answer, I guess, I'm a medium-heavy roleplayer. As Natsume is not my main, and as I don't want to transfer her from Cerberus, I'll probably level him up to 60 to acquire new suits, but I won't do Much more PvE...


Anything you're comfortable sharing ? Well, I'm a french biology student, 19 year old, male, blah blah, and the fact that I'm studying biology is probably the reason why I have a Strange approach of aether in FFXIV, but that's another subject ! I'll probably share what I wrote about it with you guys if you're interested ! What else can I say ? I love female highlanders and elezens. And I find some female roes very pretty. So one could say I am... Kinda weird I guess =(

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