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[10-6-15] The Rules

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The RPC Rules have seen a rather major change with regards to moderation. The revisions took us some time, but the team has signed off on the changes. Please review the site rules here.


From now on, moderators are at liberty to pass judgment on disruptions and to take appropriate action befitting the severity of the offense through post moderation / silencing. If they deem it necessary, they are also at liberty to issue temporary bans / kick users from RPC Chat. Permanent bans will be reserved for repeat offenders and will require a consensus from the majority of the moderation team before issuance. For the sake of transparency, moderators and chat moderators are required, after issuing punitive measures, to give a public explanation of both the nature of the offense and a description of the relevant moderator actions taken.


Appeals for temporary bans and other minor punitive measures may be made directly to the administrator either through Private Messaging or e-mail. Should the administrator deem the case worthy of review, the appeal will be taken to the site staff for consideration. Permanent bans will NOT be up for discussion or appeal.


Thank You.

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