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The Bloodwind Traders


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IC info and spiel

The Traders are an organised group of trade and moneymaking. Gathering people from all walks of life, they deal in exotic and local goods, will sell their strongmen for protection on the road, are willing to transport your goods and people all for a reasonable price. For this are they known; helping the desperate, providing employment for the downcast and trodden upon, for making worthy workers out of hopeless refugees.


The Bloodwind Traders operate out of Ul'dah, recruiting primarily from lowborn and desperate peoples. Their Lady, one Emelie Le'grand, is known for being ruthless and violent. If one finds word of the woman in the less savory portions of the jewel of the desert, they may find that the Traders are not at all the respectable image they appear to be. Usually, one can get word to the Traders - if, indeed, a member is not present - at the Laughing Lady Inn.


The Out of Character Deal

We are a small FC looking for roleplayers to be our businessman and strongarms, we're partnered with the Laughing Lady for its linkshell and location and looking to afford housing sometime down the line. At the moment, we're only Rank 2, as the FC has been established only recently and needs members desperately.


Those looking to join should contact either myself, who can be contacted on Emelie Le'grand or Chell El'lara, or Khaishan Dotharl, who acts as Emelie's lieutenant and bodyguard. Further, anyone who is in the FC has invite privileges.

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