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Isarmont Sorel

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I. Basic Info

Characters: Isarmont Sorel

Linkshells:  None, as of yet

Primary Linkshell: None, as of yet


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Heavy! I try to remain IC every time I log into the game, but I understand that at times isn't reasonable. I absolutely love having character development and interaction while I quest or while I do dungeons. The main point there is that I love character development. My favorite aspect of roleplaying is to watch stories build and characters grow and change. I love seeing high points, and I love the downfalls. Even if my schedule one day doesn't allow me to have extended periods of time of play, a small interaction in passing between characters sates my love for writing out these characters of ours.


Views on RP combat and injuries:

Injuries happen, especially in such a volatile and hostile world we are playing in, and I am more than willing to have Isarmont become involved in that if it happens. Of course, I always abide by respect and expect there to be OOC communication before any serious action is taken, but if my character get his arm broken, then he gets his arm broken.

On the topic of combat, I do prefer to use the honor system in comparison to using a random number generator.


Views on IC romance:

If I am being honest with myself, I tend to enjoy IC romance between characters. The one-on-one interaction can be some of the most rich, exciting, fulfilling content. At the same time, I definitely do not want any sort of romantic relationship to feel forced or rushed. The journey is half the fun, then the other bit of fun is after the characters have arrived to the destination, for lack of a better analogy. I am not at all opposed to IC romance, IF it comes about in an organic way.


Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

I do have most of Isarmont's family ties already set into place, but I would not be opposed hearing from someone who is insterested in making a connection either in the mutual friend category or in the extended family category with my character.

Every connection Isarmont makes plays a vital role in the life of his development. An acquaintance can blossom into a close friendship or devolve into a rivalry. Either is valuable in the stories we tell.


Views on lore:

I am a very strong supporter and follower of lore. I prefer to RP and RP with folks who abide by the rich world that has been set up for us to play in, but I also understand that there are some grey areas that have more give and pull to expand on our creativity. As long as some of those grey areas do not go off the deep end, or as long as lore is bent and not broken, I have zero issues.


Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

On the topic of Linkshells and Free Company chat, I am very flexible to rules set by those chat channels. I am no stranger to being a part of OOC LS and FC chats as well as being involved in an IC LS/FC. I always consider /say to be IC dialogue, OOC being diferentiated by brackets. /em is also considered IC both in action and, if quotations are used, dialogue as well. 


III. Other Info

Country: USA

Timezone: EST

Contact Info: Currently the best way to get in touch with me is by sending a PM here or on Skype (leafleifmarie). When transfers come back up, I do plan on finding a new start on Balmung; however I am currently on Gilgamesh.

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