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Wanderer's Syndicate


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[align=center]As you travel around Eorzea, do you ever wish you had a companion or company mate along the way to make the trip more bearable?[/align]


[align=center]Are you brand new to the world, and need some advice?



[align=center]New to RP and don't know where to start?[/align]



Well don't look further, as Wanderer's Syndicate is here to provide a home for those needing one.



[align=center]Wanderer's Syndicate[/align]



We are a newly made Free Company and Linkshell, looking to build a community of close-knit wanderer's that is social and fun. Our environment is friendly and helpful, and willing to help anyone as much as we are able. Whether you need a tank for a dungeon, or an extra hand in killing some monsters. 



Banding together, we are indeed a group of wanderer's that call this place our home.



Please read the other tabs for more information.

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