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Kureha Windrage, Work in progress.


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Hey guys. So with months of no new content and continuing vicious cycle of boredom I thought I'd give roleplaying a try and see where I go with creative writing. I'm new to the roleplaying scene and as someone who picked up FFXIV during the Heavensward launch I can't say I'm very fluent in the lore so if I make a crucial mistake which needs pointing out pray tell and I'll fix the profile. By the way do most roleplays take place in Balmung? I've joined Behemoth due to a friend who invited me to play but lately she's quit the game and moved on so I'm happy to move realms if Balmung is rich with Roleplayers. =P 



Character: Kureha Windrage

Age: 27

Race: Au Ra 

General Class: Ninja




A Doman Ninja who formerly participated and led Doma's Liberation Front from the shadows. When Doma fell under the might of the empire, she led a small contingent of elite rearguards to delay the advance of Garlean war machines while the civilians and their injured ranks fled Doma. She and her men fought to the bitter end as their companions sailed south away from the treachery committed by Karasu Redbeak who aided the enemy in their conquest. 



Those who were unfortunate did not join their comrades who were fortunate enough to be either killed during the siege or executed on the spot but instead the few survivors were taken as prisoners of war. The survivors of the siege were given a choice, either to serve the empire as their loyal assassins or a death penalty. Kureha who chose the latter was destined to be executed and displayed on the high walls of Garlemald for those that dared to have second thoughts about their allegiance. Instead her sentence was intercepted by Roas mal Hojos, a Primus Medicus who excelled in bio-engineering requested to use her in a human experiment. 



Since ancient times it was said that Garleans lacked the ability to utilize magic and to make up for their shortcomings they researched into ancient Allagan technology to advance in Magitek research. Roas mal Hojos was a scientist who sought to break that cycle by researching latent powers held in one's genetics, seeking to create a way for them to wield otherworldly powers on the same level if not surpassing the rest of Eorzea. While his peers ridiculed his study and advanced in Magitek engineering, Roas delved deeper into genetic mutation in hopes of creating medical science that will create a new age of super soldiers (lol I'm having fun writing this xD). 



Prior to retrieving Kureha and the few prisoners of Doma, Roas was researching deeper into the ancient Allagan records of manufactured war beasts still left in hibernation in Allagan ruins scattered across Garlea. But his research also extended to the heart of Ishgard where it was rumored that a certain group of "Heretics" were able to mutate into a wyrm. Roas mal Hojos was herald among the medical science as a madman who attempted to imbue Garlea's soldiers with the blood of the most wicked wyrm of them all, Midgardsormr whose body was salvaged from the wreckage of Agrius. Many of his experiments died when injected with the blood of the great wyrm, to which he concluded that his test subjects lacked a certain compatibility with the wyrm blood to accept mutation. As a Au Ra there were many who speculated that Kureha's people were closely related to the Dravanian Wyrms, Roas felt that her people held the highest compatibility of accepting the serum. 

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Hey, welcome to the community.


By the way do most roleplays take place in Balmung? I've joined Behemoth due to a friend who invited me to play but lately she's quit the game and moved on so I'm happy to move realms if Balmung is rich with Roleplayers. =P


Balmung is the #1 server for FFXIV roleplayers, yes, so if in-game RP seems like something you'd like to do, I recommend moving. It's also not particularly slacking on PvE either (content lull aside) and there are plenty of groups and FCs to join up with. You can find a decent amount of open-world RP happening in certain hubs, mostly being the inns and taverns.


It looks like you have a fairly solid character concept to start with, though I understand perfectly that it's a work-in-progress. If you have any concerns or questions about your character or getting started, feel free to ask around.

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Thank you for all the welcome, I hope to integrate nicely with the roleplaying community and hope to find a FC that might be interested in recruiting my Au Ra Ninja who partook( ?) Dragon Blood. I'm nowhere near finished with her story but if you feel at any point that I'm lorebreaking/bending too much and am due for a slap on the wrist for committing such heinous treason please don't feel so reserved to remind me. I'm happy to accept honest critiques!

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