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Headline: The Lohengrin Weapon

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[align=center]The Lohengrin Weapon[/align]



[align=center]Despite numerous setbacks suffered this month by the Laughing Armaments corporation, chief among them the attack on their Eorzean headquarters earlier in the week and the death of the former president, Goenfal Lohengrin at the start of the month, President and Chairman Char Lohengrin appeared before a crowd of magitek enthusiasts during a rare public appearance in the waning hours of the day in Mor Dhona. [/align]



[align=center]Accompanying the Miqo'te was a security detail comprised of three men, each armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry the company had been fielding, and an imposing magitek juggernaut piloted by a Lalafell. President Lohengrin addressed the crowd as one would a friend, expressing his interest in those whom find passion in the combining of metal and magic, commenting '...This field is yet infantile, and it will fall to your hands to further pioneer it. Age may promise the wisdom and methods behind something, but it is the youth that will ever bring innovation and imagination to the table. I look upon those gathered here today and smile knowing that this tradecraft of mine - of ours - is in capable hands."[/align]



[align=center]He made motion to the juggernaut, which primed it's cannon and aimed skyward as the President continued to speak from the podium to the many wide-eyed masses staring now in awe. "Such innovative minds as yours have made Laughing Armaments the success that it is, even in the face of adversity" he said, citing the incidents earlier in the month. He beckoned to an Elezen woman standing nearby whom he introduced as none other than Ashorea Mo'Thana, the head of the company's research and development departments. "Thank you all for coming out to see us today - but we all know it's not for my winning smile or his stage presence."[/align]



[align=center]She began speaking briefly on the improvements made over the earlier iterations of their magitek armor, citing increased durability and better range of movement in rugged environments before moving on to explain that the weaponry was the end result of 'artificial crystal' technology. "It is no secret that we've been delving into an as of yet uncharted realm. Today, we show you the fruits of our explorations." At her word, the primary weapon system hosted within the chasis of the armor delivered an ear shattering spectacle of light as it produced a visceral beam of pure energy ripping through the very clouds above. The display drew cries of excited and wondrous applause.[/align]



[align=center]Doctor Mo'Thana described the weapon in some detail, seemingly content however to dance around questions into the specifics of their design. "The photon cannon, dubbed the Lohengrin Weapon, has been amplified tenfold through the use of manipulated ceruleum flows coupled with deaspected crystals within devices of our own make that allow them to act in such a way as if the light of the sun through a magnifying glass." She noted that the weapon was still in the testing stages of development and that it was unlikely to become available to the consumer anytime soon before returning the spotlight to the President and seeing herself off stage.[/align]



[align=center]"Even without the primary tools at our disposal, we at Laughing Armaments rise to challenges with gusto. I will not see us shirk before those that mean to hinder us. I will not see this craft stalled at the say of some vagrants that cannot differentiate a gyroscope from a wooden plank. With tools in hand and the understanding gleamed in-so-far from the object of our research, our imaginative youth, our pioneering geniuses, conceived of the Lohengrin Weapon... [My] Conceited name not withstanding... and drove ahead that we might share this brief glimpse into the future with all of you today."[/align]



[align=center]The President opened the floor to questions, several of which were directed towards the state of affairs within his company. He expressed regret that while several of those under his employ were injured, that they would continue to drive on and further establish their presence within Eorzea adding that they were 'not ruling out the possibility of employing further talented bodies'. The inquiries only grew in response to questions regarding his security entourage - and more specifically, their weapons. In keeping with his usual charm and coy mannerisms, he replied only that they were 'not sharing their favorite toys with the other kids'.[/align]



[align=center]As the display concluded, President Lohengrin expressed his appreciation once again for those in attendance, and made it clear that regardless of whatever scenario presented itself, he and his company would be prepared to meet it - in such a way that he was 'promised the opportunity to keep laughing'.[/align]



Story: Hett Jacer

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