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Lain's Den (Jumping is Okay)


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[align=center]Lain's Den[/align]

[align=center]Where jumping is always encouraged.[/align]


Greetings! I'm brand new to the forums, but figured I'd dive right in! I promised myself I'd sign up and put up a connections topic once I made some art of my character, so... might as well make an art topic to show it too! ^_^


I plan on doing Final Fantasy art and drawing more again after a brief hiatus this early fall, so I am eager to start fresh and put a bunch of fun stuff in this topic. So, thank you in advance for stopping by and mind your bounce!


Older Stuff


Click here for no background version if desired!





New Stuff: Last Updated 1/2










Anywho, I don't have anymore FF-related art but hopefully I will have more soon. o/

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I edited my last post because after contemplation, I really didn't like the picture I drew back then. So I deleted it! BWHAHA..er... yes.


I haven't drawn in awhile, but maybe with the New Year I'll get inspired or motivated again. So, warming up to that idea have a tiny sketch comic. -wise nod- It's up on Lain's tumblr but I figured I would post it here as well. o7




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Thank you both kindly! Appreciate it. :D


Here is a WiP gif. I was inspired by a fat cat eating a cookie animation so I decided to make one of Lain eating a cookie, due to some shenanigans. These little drabbles are doing well to prepare me to hunker down for more art come the new year.





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