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New RP character Bio


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Basic info



Name: Masumi Yukisawa

Age: 18

Sexuality: Undetermined

Status: Single

Height: 146 cm

Occupation: Conjurer


Personality and History


Masumi is a very withdrawn and shy individual. While she is always kind and willing to help even at her own expense, she can be a challenge to get to know more closely.



Part of this is because of her origins. Being born in the Raen clan, yet with a mixed appearance of that of the Xaela clans, she has always been treated as an outcast. Her family unknown to her, with only the knowledge that her mother was an Astrologist and left her a precious star globe as a farewell gift shortly after haven given birth to Masumi.

Due to this, she has lived a very sheltered life-style is is very far behind in the actual dealings of the world.

Just a few days before her coming of age, she was taken in her sleep by unknown individuals and she was removed from her homeland. She awoke in the far corners of the black shroud and barely made it to New Gridania.



There she is now trying to build a new life for herself. Trying to become strong so that she might one day set out to become an Astrologist herself and perhaps find some trace of her parents.





She does not have any connections to anyone at this point. A stranger in a new land.

But she is on the lookout for new friends. It may not be easy for her to create such a new bond, but she does yearn for it.



Naturally, she will try to find a love interest as well over time and as time passes, perhaps make enemies as well.



If anyone is in need of a background for their own character, or is simply looking for a simple villain background, you could be from her homeland and there to try and take her back or for other evil things. Or be from her homeland and trying to find her to bring her back etc.



Random info



  • She has unusually colored pink eyes

  • She usually has matching pink eyeshadow and slightly light pink lips. Most likely her favorite color.

  • She speaks with a nervous stutter.

  • When forced to speak, can be a bit too honest for her own good

  • Has almost no real knowledge of the world outside of her homeland and is very naive.



I play her on the Siren Server. I log on at different times due to my work schedule but I always stay online for 7 hours in a row. It should be easy enough to find me online ^-^

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