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[Society News] Bash at Beach Brings Beleagured Beauty Back to Business!

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COSTA DEL SOL. -- A cross-section of Ul'dah's finest bold-faced names attended an obvious junket Firesday, hosted by none other than the so-called Cherry Blossom Socialite herself, Annunu Nunu. With the blossom fallen off her reputation of late and rumors swirling about her bankruptcy, it seems Miss Nunu has found a new source of love - which is to say, the love of gold coin - in the person of eccentric bookworm, scholar and gentleman, Tmesis Oan.


The party, little more than an excuse for Miss Nunu to spend Master Oan's coin, was attended by such usual bon vivants as Yalto Nolto, Tatanayo Rerenayo and his wife Shamomo Shamo, and Miqo'te couple Vuhto Nhoddabu and Z'juzhu Yedih. The decor and vittles were well-suited to an Ul'dahn soiree, which is to say they were overblown, overpriced, and overrated, which seemed to suit the well-heeled society mavens just fine.


Party-goers avoided such controversial topics as Miss Nunu's recent arrest and trial for funding an unauthorized mercenary group, and Master Oan's lack of pedigree. Something of an unknown in society rags, Oan was described by one attendee (who refused to give their name for fear of no longer being invited to such shindigs) as "Entirely humorless, dry as cardboard, and with the personality of watching paint dry."


The highlight of the evening, beyond the open bar, was Oan presenting his newly-betrothed socialite with a new puppy. Even this reporter's heart was slightly softened by the look she gave him in that moment, which almost caused attendees to believe they liked each other. Then we remembered what kind of event we were attending, and realized it must have been the champagne going to our heads. Here's to the happy couple, united in crass ambition and conspicuous consumption as only high society can produce!

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