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Royal Alchemy is opening it's doors!!

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Royal Alchemy, located in the Goblet, Ward 3, House 15, room 3, and operated by Alexa Rose, is opening it's doors tonight 8pm EST!


Rather than an 'event' however, this is an attempt to make connections with customers, or characters interested in alchemy. In addition to the standard potions (strength, dexterity, mind, etc.) Alexa also does special orders, such as sleeping draughts, love potions, potions of bravery, etc.


Alexa has also created a novelty item called 'Deceptions'. Exploding (though non-harmful) gadgets that cause a temporary illusion on people... often to humurpus effect! Perfect for pulling a joke or prank on your friends.


Alexa also loves a good mystery. if you have an unidentified condition, or are interested in knowing just how far the science of alchemy can go, she's willing to try any chemical concoction at least once!


If interested in setting up some shop hours, please contact me in game, or be on the lookout for future open shop hours!


Thank you and happy gaming.




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