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[Bounty Notice] Young Adult Miqo'te

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[align=center] Pinned to several walls around Ul'dah, a wanted poster can be found around nearly every corner with the following details scrawled upon it.





Dead or Alive

Unidentified Young Adult Male Miqo'te




500,000 gil








Wanted in connection to the Laughing Armaments espionage incident, the heartless kidnapping and murder of Natale Fairbrook, Theft of Objects in Excess of 20,000 gil in Value, and Theft of a Maiden's Virtue.



Individual is a Miqo'te of medium build and average height possessing hair as white as snow with pierced ears. He has two pronounced scars, the first over the right eye and the second along the left cheek in a crossing pattern. Last seen travelling in Eastern Thanalan in the company of an unknown female Miqo'te. Both are to be considered armed, aggressive, and extremely dangerous. 



Interested parties are to either return alive or dead the unidentified male to the custody of the Brass Blades, or other legitimate arbitrator of law to receive payment upon confirmation of the individual's identity. Recompense shall not be paid to relatives or interested parties for injury or death suffered in pursuit.


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((Anyone and everyone interested in pursuing L'raha Nuhn will first need to confirm IC that the artist's rendition on the poster is in fact him, and then send him a tell letting him know that you're looking to collect for finer details. Happy hunting!))

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