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[Lamia] Looking for weeknight RPer

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Hi everyone =) I just joined the forum and I'm hoping it will help find someone I can RP and/or ERP with during weeknights. I know many people here aren't on Lamia, but I might as well give it a try. 


A little about my character, she's a talented mage who's looking for some extra companionship. Her mood could be described as fairly mild mannered, but easily annoyed. She's also a bit of a ditz, making keeping people close to her a hassle. 


I'm hoping to meet a female character (male player is totally fine) if ERP is to be considered, but for general RP I welcome any race and gender. 


I'm always happy to meet and chat with new people so please feel free to respond here, send me a private message (are there PMs on these forums?) or contact me in-game on the same username I use here. My playtime is usually from 7pmish till 11 EST, but I'm happy to stretch it slightly for the right player.

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