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long time player, new rper?


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so, the title is a bit of a lie, i've been roleplaying for a good few years now, just ... not in FFXIV. :P i've also been playing for a while, and have lurked the rp scene a little (wishing i was on balmung!), since it's been ages since i've done any amount of rp, and i would love to get back into it! 


i have a couple of characters on gilgamesh, where i'm happily settled into an FC, but would love to get to know any gilgamesh roleplayers/linkshells? i am also not opposed to forum roleplay, though i have only ever done a limited amount, and would probably consider it my weakest style/i am a bit slow, usually. 


tentatively hoping i can get an alt onto balmung after the 3.1 maintenance, as i hear it usually opens after maintenances?


my main is a self taught hedge mage miqo named I'zumyn Sazhi, who i've written a pretty extensive background for, but would still like to get the finer points of her personality down!


my fiance is also a little interested in the rp scene, and has a vague idea of his in game character, tho he's relatively new to roleplay as a whole!

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Hey there!


I should start off by mentioning that I frequent Ragnarok myself, but I'm considering an alt on another server - just looking for where'd be best!


Everyone on this site was incredibly warm, so I thought I'd carry on the theme and welcome you too. ^^; If you're looking for any new connections, or have any another new person could do with, be in touch!

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