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The Ahriman Art Cafe (Commissions: Open!)


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Hi there! My name is Koba and I've been playing (and RPing) on the Balmung server of FFXIV for just over a year now. When I'm not on the game, I spend most of my time drawing and recently decided to opened up some commission slots. My friend told me about HRPC so I decided to sign up and see if any fellow FFXIV fans would be interested in my art! I love drawing people's characters, and all the more so when it's FFXIV related! :>


Here's some samples of my art as well as my prices:





And here's my RPC, Yoyonoya Susunoya! (Rendered Tier commissions would be very similar to this.)






You can see other samples/pieces I've done on *my tumblr*.



If you're interested, head on over to my handy dandy **Commission Inquiry Form**. Make sure to include links to references of your character and any details I should know about them! :> (Please note that if your character wears armor/robes with a lot of intricate details, it may be subject to an extra fee. Alternatively, I can simplify the armor design for no extra cost.)


I'm going to start with three slots, though if there's enough demand it's likely that I'll open up more later. 


Open Slots:

  1. Nyss (Completed)
  2. (Available)
  3. (Available)


If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or email me at kobacake(☆)gmail.com (☆=@). Thank you! :chocobo:

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