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LFM RP Friends!

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Figured I'd start a thread of my own, though I HAVE seen other Ragnarok RP threads here. I've responded to a couple, so consider this a 'bump for interest' if that's you!


During Server Maintenance I figured I'd try and network, so if you're interested in RP on the Ragnarok EU server please get in touch. I'd call myself a 'medium' level RPer, though I hope that doesn't put you off. ^^;

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hahaha been trying to find you but havent seen you anywhere feels like we are on difretn time or something


That's entirely possible - my work schedule can leave me on at strange times; your best window is probably around 21:30-01:00 GMT to catch me, though I'm around some weekends, too. I'll invite you to my Linkshell if I see you, bud. ^_^

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