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The Runestone - Sundays 8pm EST

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[align=center]Mystic Runestone[/align]


Scattered about the Ossuary, Stillglade Fane, and the posted upon the wall of Mealvaan's Gate, numerous gilded scrolls inviting all to attend a competition of arcane and aetheric might!





The Runestone is open to all competitors with magical skill and interested spectators, though entrance into the tournament binds all to the rules set by it’s Master, Fidalgo Reiner Dorn of Ala Mhigo. 


A staff of Mage Wardens shall be upon the tournament grounds to facilitate entrance of all combatants, as well as to ensure all rules are understood and equipment distributed.


To further your research and studies, a stipend shall be delivered to the winner of the Runestone, with a chance to increase earnings with a final challenging battle!






  1. All combatants shall be given upon entering the tournament a  .  This artifact shall protect the wearer from three direct attacks of magic. It shall be recharged when, and only when, a mage moves forward to a subsequent round, and shall be collected from each contestant upon their loss. Theft of these items will not be tolerated, though they seldom work outside of aether rich areas such as the manor.

  2. Attacking after an opponent’s  has broken is forbidden and shall bring the interdiction of the spell and the offending caster.

  3. The arena square is warded to prevent loose spells from escaping into spectator areas, though be mindful of other combatants.

  4. This contest shall be heavily monitored by the staff of Mage Wardens, men and women trained and skilled in the hunting and capture of those with magic talent. They serve as staff and will enforce every rule listed and the word of the Master of the house. Mage Wardens act as rule of law to all those inside of the Manor.

  5. Use of offensive magic prior to or after combat shall bring the Mage Wardens to eject you from the manor grounds.

  6. Physical contact of any kind is forbidden
  7. The use of healing magic offensively or defensively is forbidden.
  8. Summoning is allowed but control must be shown and maintained.
  9. If one must need healing or ether between matches they shall be disqualified
  10. Open use of void powers and the casting of “Forbidden magics” are not truly prohibited, though, all those that would wield these powers will draw the attention of the masses, and protection will not be provided outside of manor grounds.


The System:



The combat for Mystic Runestone is the tried and true method used in other competitions and your average duel. Through the use of the  mages can fight without worry of the debilitating effects of their spells. This is not your brawlers bloodbath, but a true artists competition to test new spells and powers.



Taking into account the lore that mage classes have a far higher magic defense and access to protective spells, defensive emotes can be quite imaginative from a simple Shell spell to protect your own layers, or even countering a fireball by transposing or reversing it. 



Though the Runestone is purely magical, hybrid classes -can- attend but must fight without physical attacks. Handcasters and Bladecasters shall be allowed to participate, though this may change if problems arise.




Combat is broken down into a few simple steps.

1) Both opponents will agree to use  the /random feature for their match.

2) Both opponents roll initiative. The highest roll wins and attacks first.

3) The attacking player writes their post in a custom emote using /em. After posting, they roll their die.

4) The defending player rolls their die to defend. If the defender rolls higher than the attack, they have successfully avoided damage. A lower roll means they have been struck. In the event of a tie, reroll both attack and defense. Regardless, after determining the result, the defender then posts their /emote to show the effect.

5) Switch roles and repeat. The defender is now on the offensive and the attacker is defending.

6) First person to win three contests wins the match.




(Credit to the Grindstone page for the duel write up.)


Fesca's Wash:



To find the tournament, please seek entrance to Fesca's Wash, Central Thanalan (21, 25) at 8pm EST!

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I want to congratulate Kiri Komori on winning Runestone IX!



With that I would also like to announce again the new time of 8pm EST and that all future tournaments will be held upon the bloodied sands south of Ul'dah, Hopefully the carnage from Grindstone the night before won't cause to much slippage

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[align=center]Runestone for June 7th is Cancelled![/align]





Now that the dramatic text is out of the way... Yup, this Runestone is cancelled for RL reasons (Reiner is too cool and adopting a kitten because he is an altruistic son of a gun and is now getting said kitty acclimated to their house). If anyone has any questions or needs anything please contact Flynt Knoltros in game and I will help how I can! Thank you all and the Runestone will see you next week!

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I would like to sincerely apologize for missing anyone's winning post in the original thread due to inactivity, poor record keeping, and lack of photos. I have moved this thread into my hands so I am notified when posted in and all that OP privilege.


So coming up on nearly 8 months of Runestone folks.


I want to thank everyone, my staff, spectators, and fighters for making this a wonderful event and a joy for me each week. I couldn't do it without you.

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