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[Moogle RPers] is the linkshell to gather the roleplayers of Moogle, creating a unity, giving direction and random roleplay for anyone willing. We are open for anyone interested, even if you have never done it before or have many years of experience. It is open for any language, though we encourage you to know some english.


Whenever I am online I will promote regulary on the Party Finder, or you can contact me, Lily Gildrose, to join. If Im not online, Im usually promoting through my alts.


Our members are friendly and dedicated to roleplay, and we encourage roleplay whenever you meet our fellow members in the game. You can also promote for your RP FC, share your ideas, plots and interests in order to find a partner or group, or just hang around to get inspiration. No obligations, you can be as OOC and IC as you like, just as long as you dont spam or bring drama into our friendly ranks. And dont be an ass/clown/general idiot.


We welcome you to Moogle! :love::moogle:

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I sent you a PM at first but figured it'd be better to post here.


I'm new to FFXIV and to Moogle. I decided to come to Moogle first since friends are playing there and I wanted to give it a try instead of instantly transfering to Balmung.


So I'd love to join the linkshell and try to help grow the RP community on Moogle. I'll look for ya ingame! :)

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I might join if its still open!




Yep, the linkshell is definitely still open and we've started making it more visible to the server in general in order to gather up the roleplayers. There actually seems to be a fair number of us though scattered about but without a common forum to communicate.


Right now there are three free companies that I know of that has an RP agenda and a number of "independent" people who are part of other companies. We've started up weekly RP get-togethers in order to help people meet IC and have been encouraging people to do shoutouts in the LS when they RP and would welcome others. Worth mentioning is that I'm talking specifically of English roleplay here. There is also a community of French roleplayers that I sadly don't know many details about.


This is by no means a large community, so far. I wouldn't blame anyone for wanting to transfer to Balmung, seeing as that's where the large majority of the RPers in FFXIV are located. However, for various reasons we've decided to stay and do our best to try to build an alternative for EU RPers and our hopes are that increased activity will also make the server more attractive for roleplayers. :D


So if ya feel like joining in, just send a /tell to Ally Smithson and I'll send an invite your way!

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