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The Most "Pious" Bonding Ceremony of Sigurd Sundsteigen and Khana Borlaaq


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The Most "Pious" Bonding Ceremony of Sigurd Sundsteigen and Khana Borlaaq


OOC Information:  


Summary:  Khana Borlaaq and Sigurd Sundsteigen will be bonded in a ceremony thrown by their employer, Septimus Rem ("Nero Varus") Nerva.  The ceremony and reception is open to any RP'ers looking to have a fun time! The ceremony will start off with excessively formal and extravagant overtones but gradually devolve into drunken debauchery.  Anyone interested in participating in this IC ceremony and reception is invited to attend, especially characters who have met Sigurd, Khana, Nero, or any of their mutual in-game acquaintances.  Ceremony attendees will receive the demon box minion gift.  Please post below or contact Sigurd Sundsteigen or Khana Borlaaq in-game for invites.  Invites will also be handed out prior to the event.  Some of the content may be tastefully mature, so viewer discretion is advised.  


Date, Time, and Location:  December 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM, PST - Temple of the Twelve, East Shroud 


Affiliates:  Pending formal confirmation, Wayfarers of Eorzea will be hosting the reception.  If your free company or link shell would like to participate, please let us know!  


Currently Seeking:  We hope the ceremony can serve as a means for members of the RP community to make connections while having a great time in-character.  We're currently seeking additional IC entertainers, bouncers, performers, and guests (especially rowdy ones)! 


IC Information:


When "former" Garlean Centurion Septimus Nerva learned that his business partner (Sigurd Sundsteigen) and company doctor (Khana Borlaaq) were to be bonded, the stoic man became replete with nostalgia and emotion.  Septimus instantly recalled the magnificent Garlean bonding ceremonies he had attended during his youth decades ago.  Memories of flowers strewn about long marble halls, columns of standard-bearing legates clad in dress uniform, and centurions wearing elaborate white officiant's robes brought a tear of joy to his third eye.  Eorzean bonding ceremonies, on the other hand, were a "joke."  It was past time for Garlean cultural outreach. 


Septimus instantly lectured the couple over a public link pearl channel (Amesoeurs) about the necessity of a traditional bonding ceremony.  He explained the tremendous beauty, historical significance, and importance of exchanging sacred vows.  Septimus insisted on organizing the ceremony and paying for all related expenses.  This shocked most listeners, as the "former" Garlean usually showed minimal emotion. Sigurd and Khana accepted Septimus' unexpected and gracious offer.


Perhaps Septimus saw the ceremony as an opportunity to sway the notoriously hedonistic couple from their "perverse and deviant" ways.   Or maybe he desired to introduce Eorzeans to the pageantry and magnificence of a traditional Garlean bonding ceremony.  His motives would remain a mystery.  The date, time, and scope of the ceremony, however, soon became public knowledge. 


Septimus initiated a propaganda campaign to alert the public to what he hoped would be the a traditional, beautiful ceremony worthy of Garlemald.  He arranged for third-parties to litter every major Eorzean settlement with fliers describing the date, location, time, and theme of the ceremony. The promotional materials featured subtle Garlean imagery and promised a sacred night to remember. Despite Septimus' grand intentions, a shadow loomed over the ceremony.  Those who knew Sigurd and Khana understood that their dispositions were far from pious, formal, holy, or proper. 

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Rescheduled to time and date stated above.

Oh thank goodness. I was so busy that I thought I missed it!


Will be there with some form of bells on!


Great!  Looking forward to it.  Feel free to send me a message in-game for an invite via mail.

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