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Twelfth Night

Talvi Noita

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Give what you will, take what you will. Twelfth Night is a new OOC LS dedicated to helping RPers both old and new get into RP. 


In short the goal is to setup a casual, friendly environment where people can: talk about their character OOC, ask for advice, and find out if there is anyone in the LS who wants to RP with them (while avoiding awkward /tells and open world mistakes.) 


This is also a place where new RPers can try out practice RPs in the LS itself while trying to figure out who or what they want their RP character to be. Let the events in the LS itself be taken as you will. 


Please try to keep your characters lore friendly and open world friendly. What does and does not match the game lore is always open to debate and is something that can be discussed in the LS itself. Not everyone who joins is going to be someone you want to RP with and that's okay! Just be kind, friendly and help them develop their character into the character that they want to RP not the character that you want to RP with. 


Join long term and RP with people in the LS or join short term tweak your character and leave once you meet people you want to RP with. You're welcome regardless of which you plan to do. 


This is a new LS open to RPers of all styles and skill levels. We are just starting out but if you want to help or are trying to get into RPing for the first time send me a /tell ingame. I'm Talvi Noita on Balmung. This is a startup LS please be patient while we get this setup. 


You can also leave me a message here if you are interested. I don't check here as often as I should but now that I've posted this I'm going to try to check more often. 


<3 Talvi :3

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Doing a slight focus change on this LS. While thematically the same an OOC LS for helping people get into RP, I'm also turning this LS into an OOC alliance between small RP FCs on Balmung. If you run a small RP FC or RP friendly FC with a small number of RPers and would like to RP with more people but are having trouble recruiting because other RPers are all-ready members of another FC I'm hoping to use this LS to get you in touch with leaders of FCs in similar situations. 


This LS will be for planing and idea crafting. It is a place for RPers to talk to each other ingame. Not everyone will want to be involved in every idea discussed in this LS, as long as conversations stay civil however anyone is welcome as long as they're interested in RP. However if space does become limited preference will be given to active members and members who hold a leadership position in their respective FCs. 


Why I believe cross FC RP is better than large RP FCs. 


1) Provides access to multiple FC houses of varying sizes for RP locations.


2) Provides access to a potential fleet of FC airships for RP purposes. 


3) Allows for diversity in a RP cast between FCs with differing goals allowing for multiple and branching story-lines  I.E. An end-game focused FC with a few RPers can partner with a crafting focused FC with several RPers. The endgame FC gets food and potions and materia melding done without having to spend time looking for people to provide those services and the crafting FC gets gil and customers and both get RP opportunities. 


4) Small scale RP with large scale cast. Not everyone wants to be involved in every RP, and often a small cast is better for storytelling than a large one. A small FC can provide for a more close-knit group IC but sometimes a RP story demands additional characters. Too often I've seen good small RP groups fall apart because in an attempt to tell bigger stories they've relied too much on creating invisible NPCs instead of trying to interact with other RPers. And too often I've seen good large RP groups implode because they're too big to keep everyone involved. An alliance of small FCs provides for the best of both worlds. Each individual FC can focus on keeping its members involved while the alliance can provide for involving a larger cast in larger stories. 


[it actually might be good for mid sized RP FCs to assign an inter-FC cooperation officer to represent their FC in the LS while the FC leader focuses on running their FC but I'll leave such choices up to individual FC leaders.]


5) Fluid membership. Sometimes you join a FC for RP and find that their goals as a FC do not match you own. Maybe you want something more hardcore, or perhaps you want something more causal just a place to hang out and RP. But you've made friends IC and OOC in the FC you're in and you don;t want to lose touch with them. An alliance of multiple FCs can allow for someone to switch to a FC that is better for them while still keeping in touch with all of their RP friends easily. 


[Okay seriously SE needs to add an FC alliance option or increase the number of people who can be in a LS. Maybe keep 6 or 7 LSes the size they are now but allow each character to be a member of one or two mega-LSes. Maybe make it so a character can create 1 extra large LS and be a member of 2 including the one they made if they made one.] 


At present I'm not planning on doing much as a LS leader outside of general moderation to make sure conversation in the LS remains civil. This is a place for people to freely explore any ideas they want to. This post turned into a bit of a ramble but I hope I got my point across. If you have any questions feel free to post here or contact me in-game.

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