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Return of the NPC. (And the start of a story)

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So after a long time gone (IRL stuff coupled with getting everything to 60), finally back to putting a focus on RP.


A few changes this time!  I'm actually connected to an FC this time, (Shameless plug some other time maybe) so rather than playing NPCs for anyone and everyone, I will be writing more specific story settings.


That being said, I will still be the "NPCs" of the story, and these NPCs still exist in the world outside of the FC, so for the most part, these stories are free to the public, with different paths being acceptable to take care of them.


First one is about to come down, keywords are Smuggling, Garlean, and Alchemy.  If anyone is interested in hearing about this, and maybe being involved send me a PM or whisper me in game as Whispering Storm.  Even if its just your character knows this is a thing going on, it would be nice.  (Don't want to say too much though on the case of people wanting to be involved.)

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So people asked for a small synopsis, going to hide it in spoilers so read at your own peril. Some of you may remember this story being planted near a year ago.  Well, it never got fully "taken care of" so its still around.





Ul'dah and Limsa are no stranger to smugglers, even with few things being illegal to trasnport.  A certain smuggling ring (recently dispersed, no survivors) was found to be smuggling in (among other things)  Garlean third eyes.  While the investigation for the source has yeilded little fruit, it has become clear they were not the only ones smuggling in this contraband.  In the small measure of peace we've had, this investigation shall once again take the focus.


As this is a setting rather than a story, I'd like to hear your take on it, off the top of my head there is room for


-formal investigation (ala law enforcement)

-Informal investigation (mercenaries and crime lords)

-Smugglers (Mebbe you guys are the ones smuggling them in)

- Garleans (they're legit smuggling in one of your body parts. I can imagine there would be some issue taken with this.)

- Whatever else you think of!  If you want to just take the scene and run with it, go for it.  But if you want to connect with other people in the hook, send me a PM  I'll be setting up a linkshell for easier communication, but obviously that is not necessary.





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I shall give this an interested roebump. 


While you're asking for feedback, I note you seem to have a few different conflicting groups. Do you intend to keep it freeform, and then have people let you know about things? Or are you more the type to GM possibly competing factions? Feeding them each a little bit of information at a time, perhaps (especially if you can get them Garleans on board).


My personal preference for in-game RP will bleed through here, but I wasn't sure if you mentioned how you would host.

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Good point, guess I should clear this up.


I am more than willing (will even enjoy) running different potentially competing groups.  That being said, if FC's (or alternative groups of people) want to take this and run with it, all I ask is to be in contact with the person organizing it so we can keep all of the groups up to date in events.


Shortly put, yes, but am not forcing myself as lead to all of them.

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Give it a trial run for the exposition/introduction first maybe, with one group? Depending on the interest garnered. I'm terrible at setting up RP for people not in the same FC/LS as myself, but I've always found it's best to start small and have it branch out from there.


Maybe a small group of forum stalwarts to start, then tomorrow, the world?

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Don't worry, starting with just my FC first, but since I'm trying to create an event that's happening in the world, its always nice to have people outside the FC knowing.  For example, when you need to talk to a flames officer, its one thing to talk to another NPC run by the storyteller, another to talk to another player who's running a flames officer.

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