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Letter from the Producer & The Raven


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In the newest Letter from the Producer XXXVII, Yoshi-P leaks some screenshots from the Alpha version of A Realm Reborn. Alpha testing officially begins on October 29th. So far, only those in the Japanese region have been sent their Alpha acceptance letters, but Yoshi-P reassures us that they will continue to send out emails and expand the regions as the Alpha phase progresses.If you're in the NA region, you can still apply to be an Alpha tester (which will involve mostly server stress tests) here!


The Raven, the Gridanian tabloid that is available to all IC, has been updated. This issue touches on the premise behind the quest "Living on a Prayer" and offers a legitimate excuse for all us adventurers to enjoy the pilgrimage ICly.


Additional nuggets from the developers on ARR:

-Grand Company seals will transfer

-The "build" option will not be available for female characters (but bust size is)

-There will be a reputation system for free companies

-Faction points will be reset! Get on those faction leves!

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