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Upcoming Magitek Battle Royale (Balmung)

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Placeholder for upcoming event soon.


Turn-coat Garlean?  Managed to snag hold of one of those impressive warring machine Magitek automatons?  Best friends with Ironworks and managed to invest a hefty sum in a Mammoth heart to repair a broken down busted Magitek armor?  If you are the proud owner of one of the wonderful pieces of technology then you are the person I am looking for.


Drachma is proud to present one of its up and coming war time battle scenario events with the (hopefully regular) Matigek armor Battle.  You and your opponents shall lock blasters, exchange barrage and gun fire until your Mech armor is no longer able to function properly.  Damage to these expensive war machines will happen but to the victor shall go the spoils of a well earned grand prize of a hefty gil sum.  


The battle system will be based on the random genertor used in the game with a few rules mainly you start with 1000 hit points with the stronger cannons requiring you lose a roll turn with a possible use of your strongest Magitek attack doing upwards of 4x critical damage of your normal bullet attack.


Entire rules and system shall be in place in the next few days so stay tuned.  If proves popular we are wanting to implement mock battles with magitek brigade battles.  All spectators are expected stay well clear of these robotic combatants for accidents may happen and we will not be held responsible.  ETA will be up within the next 2-3 days.


Also in need of staff and officiators to help with with a professional and smooth event!!!

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