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Why am I here


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Well, hey there. I'm George, but I prefer Reyn. I've been interested in RPing in the FFXIV community for awhile now, but been too scared to act on it since my FC seem to look down on roleplayers. 


I'm willing to write as my main Au Ra, but also I have a Haurchefant on Tonberry, and I'd love to try writing for him too. 


I'm kinda shy and awkward but once you know me, I'm the friend who meme'd too much. Hope to make some friends.

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Heya and welcome!


I've had several friends that have found themselves in the same position you are with guilds/companies/etc. that don't typically 'get' what the RP side of things is about. I guess the best thing to do is just get out there, try it and live a double life. Secret Agent style. 8-)

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