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Light of the Wanderer (closed)

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Until dawn, he said. Until dawn he'd stay by the palace's light.


The au ra sat cross legged on the edge of the altar, overlooking the lake, the light of the Wanderer setting a faint glow to his back and the night wind blowing through his hair. Serene, the feeling felt. Serene yet so eerie. The mysteries of Nym never ceased to make the gears in his head turn, how the scholars had fallen to such an unusual aetheric disease.


The stars overhead gave no signal of the sun, more and more time to ponder, to feel the wavelength of the Floating City's aether, to hear the cries of the tonberries deep within. Just as Daruku wanted. That or he wanted an excuse to camp in quiet. Either way, until dawn.


No sleep until dawn.

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Eilora, a young Xaela woman, made her way along the ancient partially sunken roadway of ancient Nym. A small Topaz carbuncle was trotting along side her. It was a warm, clear night and the stars sparkled brightly in the night sky. Across the lake, the ancient temple once dedicated to the Wanderer seemed to sparkle on the surface of the water. It was a lovely night, but Eilora was far too exhausted and irritated to appreciate her surroundings.


She had been traveling all day from Limsa Lominsa toward the Floating City of Nym to further her studies of the ancient ruins. Unfortunately, she had been ambushed by grass raptors in outside of Wineport and her chocobo, Miu, had bucked her off and fled in a panic. Eilora was forced to continue on foot, but it was nearing midnight and she still fairly far from the Floating City. In addition, she would have to cross through kobold territory and she didn't relish attempting that in the dead of night.


As she walked, her carbuncle jumped up onto her shoulders and lay across them. Eilora patted the it on the head, "I'm tired too, Bunky. What do you say we stop for the night at Camp Bronzelake? We can continue on in the morning." Bunky gently nudged her cheek in agreement. Eilora approached the entrance to the camp, but paused to look in the direction of the Wanderer's Palace.

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Even with the gleaming light of the altar at the top of the ruins, one would have to squint to see the white scaled man sitting in a meditating fashion at the top. If he were to fall asleep, it would be the aged stone floors for him. One would wonder just how crazy would he have to be to stay there all night, sleepless.


His methods were... different from those of other Sharlayans, for sure. He carried the goggles required to read aether, of course. However, he relied on them little. The way he had trained himself, he could simply feel the disturbances majority of the time. Some would say talent, others would say insanity. Daruku personally didn't care.


He hardly faltered as he held his head up, despite the creeping exhaustion looming on him. Pushing himself would yield better results. As long as violet eyes remained open and weightless, breathing was steady, the wind sweeping away his feeling of heaviness...

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As Eilora took in the view of the Wander's Palace, she was overcome with feelings of excitement for tomorrow. Of all the ruins she had studied, those of Nym always had a certain special something that drew her back time after time.


It was then she noticed, silhouetted in the light of the altar, there seemed to be a humanoid figure seated at the top. In the darkness, it was impossible to make out any details of the figure. Eilora felt that old feeling of curiosity, that so often led her into trouble, stirring up within her.


"Now who could possibly be out by the altar this late at night? Probably up to no good" she said to Bunky. At the same time she began walking in the figure's direction. The carbuncle gave her an impatient nudge and a light slap in the face with its tails. "All right, all right. You can go on, then. I'm just going to take a quick peek" she said.


With that, Bunky hopped into the air and disappeared back to the aetherial plane. Eilora pushed her slipping glasses back up the bridge of her nose and began walking toward the altar.

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