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Try and Assassinate My Character!

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Just as the title says. Come and try to assassinate my character Mayu Cloudwalker. Why? Because there are reasons!


My character Mayu Cloudwalker is a runaway noble from Doma. The part she was from was heavily influenced and occupied by Garlean forces. The source of her family's income being the owning of a massive trade operation across Hydalean. Her father was killed while he was accompanying ones of these routes due to the sensitive material. She was always told it was pirates, when in truth it was an assassination to gain his wealth. Her mother remarried to a Garlean man of influence and after Mayu was to be betrothed to someone she would not meet until her wedding day, she ran away!


After her father's death, the ownership of the trade network went to Mayu however due to her age at the time it was managed by her mother. It would then be managed by her future husband once she married so their plans didn't go as expected when she ran away from home. Since coming to Eorzea and meeting an old family friend, she has gained control of the operation and in turn, "stolen" a substantial amount of gil from both mother and step father and they cannot get this back due to it belonging to her and having the support of the Captains of the ships that run the routes. So, what is the best course of action? Have the girl killed and it would go to next of kin. In this case, her mother, since she is an only child.


So I'm asking you, if you are bored and want to just have fun with getting into a fight with various members of my FC and/or the friends that Mayu has made since her stay in Eorzea I implore you to attack my little Au Ra that has been given the nickname "Princess". I do not wish to kill your characters or my own, as this is mostly a plot device and I am a sucker for playing a damsel. You do not have to use your actual player character. Just a throw away character even! Don't even have to send me a message. Make it a surprise! If you want to be a long standing villain in her story? Message me and I'm sure we can work something out.



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As of this moment, both Step-father (and mother) and Suitor have been killed in response to the assassination attempts. Framed to look as if they had killed each other in the feud that they had between each other over who would gain rights over the trade business and Mayu.


From this moment, it will be one week and word will get to those who have taken the bounties that they will not get paid for the job due to the employers' deaths.

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