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I'm sorry everyone! I haven't posted this sooner.


This linkshell is made so that those on behemoth who roleplay not only can find other roleplayers, but also can plan events, discuss lore, offer gaming, and more with others. The linkshell can be in or out of character based on personal preference. Recruitment is always open, but please ask before alts are added. Some rules are.


1.No simple arguments-insults back and forth and the like. If your going to argue. Post facts that argue your opinion for you. Make it a debate. Etc.


2.No RP shaming- suggestions and corrections are encouraged but no downright shaming or belittling EX: that's bad and you should feel bad. Roleplaying (like other life experiences) must be learned and practiced. No one's perfect.((But if your in character is a asshat who's trying to piss someone off by all means go for it!))


3.Listen to advice- you don't have to follow it but you never know where a great idea might come from you know?


4. 1 Alt per person we're getting kind of full so we're trying to keep spaces open.


We hope you join us and enjoy Eorzea together! player Search Zoktai Kha to join!

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You can player-search Zoktai Kha, Rhetzedyr Guldarensyn moved off-server, sorry, Feldrael Nortstyrmwyn, Siobahn Necross, or Gojira Kaiju.


Sorry for the delayed replies, folks!


Edit to actually answer CurtlyCurlyAlex's question:


Can't speak to the other free companies' recruitment policies at the moment, but Feldrael Nortstyrmwyn and I run The Elytra Concord . The Concord is basically a small business association -- a group of tradesfolk and business owners who have gotten together to share what they know and pool their resources. I'll be putting a recruitment post up on this site soon, but if you'd like more info about us, you can visit our site: http://elytra.shivtr.com

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