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Solace <LF-RP>


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Solace is a medium-heavy roleplaying and PVE Free Company on Balmung Legacy server. In character our company's main focus is aiding any who come to our doors looking for those with the strength or intelligence to help their cause — for a price, of course. We walk the life of honorable mercenaries tied together by comradery and a good day's work. Be it aiding merchants with the caravaning of their supplies or defending a village with little in way of protection, Solace strives to give nothing short of their best on each and every job.


Out of character, the Free Company's main focus is to make a comfortable, drama-free zone where we can bring fun and exciting roleplay to all of our members. We do our best to lend a helping hand to each other, guide new players, give advice and enjoy the perks of the game with our friends! Our long term goal is to begin Full Party raids while keeping strong and interesting plot lines running.



Casual RP/PvE, Mercenaries, Adventure


Arin Tayuun - Temporary leader/Officer

Argust Clow - Officer



FC Recruitment is OPEN!




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