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Belated Introductions


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I realized that I have been about this forum and posting events without properly introducing my character, so allow me to rectify that situation!


Heavenly Marigold is a Roegadyn scholar and adventurer hailing from La Noscea.  Marigold specializes in the study of magic, both ancient arts and new techniques, and is a passionate researcher of the subject.  She maintains a small, loosely bound band of adventurers she calls the "Crystal Coeurls" to come together for matters of adventure and to assist with dangerous avenues of magical research, as needed.  Though sometimes intimidating in size and air, she is actually a warm individual who enjoys helping others.


Marigold has an RP wiki here: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Heavenly_Marigold


I typically play in the evenings and nights US-Central time, though lately my playtime has been more sporadic due to an unstable work schedule.  I run events on Tuesdays around 9:30 pm Central, and plan to keep posting up open events here on the forums once or twice a month as long as there is general interest in them.  Feel free to look me up for RP or sent me a tell if you see me around!

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