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[Short Story] Crystalline

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[align=center]How can something so enticing have such awful side effects?[/align]

[align=center]All the itching and the scratching from withdrawal keeps me out of check.[/align]

[align=center]I am fixated on all the things we were together.[/align]

[align=center]But those are fragments that are better off lost forever.[/align]




I wanted to write a little thing about Rihxo's backstory, so here I am. It's not going to be too long (I don't think). It'll only really be four short parts, leading up to how she is now.


[align=left]I hope you enjoy! :love:


Also, feel free to leave comments if you wish. I don't mind ^^[/align]

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Something used to attract or tempt someone; a lure.


It was when he kissed me that night that I realized I had gone too far. That I had made a mistake. But still... I went with him.


Hot and cold; that how I would describe the pain. Unlike any I'd felt before in my life. I was only sixteen when I lost it; this was only a few days before it happened. The moon falling. Perhaps I should've known better than to trust a Garlean.


My father always warned me about the Imperials. I knew they were terrible people; I'd always been told that, heard that. But I'd always wanted to believe there were some that were good there. That's why we kept things a secret; if father found out, he wouldn't forgive me. Perhaps I should've listened to him, especially in what were likely his final days.


The blade was deathly cold as it embedded itself in my skin before it burned white-hot. His other hand crushed my throat painfully slowly as his body held mine to the ground. I couldn't run. I couldn't scream. I could only pray to the Twelve I would somehow make it through this... or die. Either option was fine at this point. I only wanted freedom.


He kept asking questions. I don't know what they were, nor do I want to. How he expected me to answer, I have no idea; but when I didn't, I guess he decided we were over. That I was useless, if I couldn't comply... but... that's all they knew. Complying to their orders. I see that now. Some of them really are good. But they're a rare few; I would only trust my life to one of them. Valen.


But he is not Valen Stalhart. He's nothing like him. I see now that he was using me to get information; I was nothing more than an informant. I guess informants are useless if they're dead... or if they are useless.


I felt the blood drip down my right cheek; I knew that he had branded me as his forever. I was unmistakable from my siblings, now. I was the one with only one eye. Some still tell me I'm beautiful; they only seem to say so when I have the patch on. I guess they're just trying to help, but it only hurts more when they lie.


It hurts more to lie to yourself, I find.

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