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Obsidian Sanctum

Izayoi Okeya

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Obsidian Sanctum welcomes you.





Curiosity has no doubt tugged you in our direction. What a wonderful happenstance! We just so happen to enjoy having you here. Please. Take a seat and prepare for an amazing and thrilling ride.



First and foremost: 

We are NOT an ERP Free Company.

Yes, erotic themes and instances are accepted within the Company and are not frowned upon as they might be in your normal Heavy RP Free Company, but this is not and will never be our focus.



Our focus is on the black market and underground aspects, as well as the Sanctuary and Tavern itself! The Obsidian Sanctum is a family both ICly and OOCly. 



What we offer your Character



What don't we offer? We're a Heavy RP Free Company. We are mature themed, which means that those elements that are generally frowned upon in your general RP Free Companies are a little more welcome with us. The dark and dangerous, the sinful and seductive will all get its play with us, all in due time.



We want to be able to give each person a taste of what they desire from their character. Bringing a diverse range of RP plot lines and events, we are more than happy to help other players to progress their stories and to help the Sanctum rise from the depths stronger than ever, as a family. 





What we offer the Community



We offer you a potential evil. You want a character killed? Do you want something you can only find on the black market, do you want somewhere to hide from the law? Then our Free Company may just be the place for you. We offer a wide variety of plot lines and events, both in small and large scale, and are more than happy to collaborate with the rest of the Server for events. 

Why us



Why us? Why not us? As stated above, we are a family. We aim to cater to the darker, more mature and sometimes untested waters of RP. There will be fun and happy times, and there will be crime. Murder. Death. Sex Intrigue. I an guarantee you that if you want something to happen? It may well happen with us.



We strive to be a drama free, well established and thought out company that goes out of our way to make our members feel welcome, and to build amazing and satisfying plot lines for all of our members. 





Structure: Heavy Roleplay / Adult & Mature 

Timezone: Americas

Races: All

Alignment: Best suited for those with somewhat shady intentions, though characters from all alignments could easily find their home within both the Surface business - Sanctuary - and the underground - Obsidian Sanctum

Type: Mature / Adult / Erotic - The overlying theme being Underground/Black Market. The Underlying themes being erotic.

Age: 18+ 

Recruitment Status: Accepting Applications

Guild Leader: Aurora Jhin

Website: Obsidian Sanctum


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