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So, after having moved like 3 times in the past 2 months, and being unable to setup things with work and move time constraints, I have finally nearly settled! And so, have now experienced the movement of this era into the next, hopefully with many of the rest who were around at the time of the event, and for days to come who get a chance to watch the wonderful, however heart wrenching cinematic for the beginning of A Realm Reborn. With all that great news and happenings, come a slew of new stuff, videos, concept art, and info, and give me the idea to query...what is your favorite thing/things about all that business?


I just wondered would those who read this thread take just a moment to share their favorite experience/detail about all this new stuff? Not just: I like that outfit...I am thinking more like: the plummage of that hat is rather flamboyant...but in the most wonderfully enchanting of ways, and I cannot live without it! Or: Boo, I used to love big teddy bear Titan prancing about behind me while I killed things, now he has a toady face!...but maybe, just maybe...it is growing on me! Ah well, you get the picture. Stop and take a moment to share with everyone your very most anticipated shiny!

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most anticipated shiny? too many. off the top o' the 'ead, male miqote. im obsessed with elves, elvaan, elezen, but never really preferred a tall character for myself. miqote is a typical short size, and a fantasy type creature.


theeeeeen, the new zones, areas, the realm REBUILT. civilization pushing foward to continue. the lore.


ps. good to hear youre nearly settled. ^^d

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