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[Advertisement] Mountainfire Forge

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Mountainfire Forge


Armor, Weapons, and

General Metalworks


Commissions and Repairing Services


Newly-Opened Establishment

An Experienced Blacksmithing Duo



Number 14

The Brimming Heart

Ward 8, The Goblet

The City of Ul’dah


A Stalwart Mountain and Aanzo Dinzo Partnership



The Mountainfire Forge is a Balmung-based, newly-opened smithy ran by two friendly EU players, ready to accept all kinds of blacksmithing jobs be it minor repairs, or custom commissions. Does your character have need of a blacksmith or two? Then stop on by, we'd be glad to be involved!

Send either myself (Igniting Dusk) or Aanzo Dinzo a /tell in-game with any questions or enquiries.









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