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(Haven't seen a thread yet for this, however, if there is one, mods, feel free to consolidate them!)


Storium (described on-site as an "online game that lets you and your friends tell stories together and play in imaginary worlds of your own creation") is this rad site where RPers may build their own worlds from the ground up (or use a pre-built world if they want to get a feel for things) and play around in aforementioned worlds with their friends (or random people, should you all just want to get out there and meet new people). It's been in Alpha/Beta/Gamma stages for a while, but is apparently rolling out this month(!!!).


Here's the FAQ page, as I went in with some FC members after remembering about the site (after lamenting in TS3 about not being able to tabletop with them all; Roll20 is also another alternative to this, for anyone interested) and we were all quite confused. Messing about with a test game is recommended, but you'll need at least one person with access to an account to set one up, which does cost, but, if I recall correctly, the holiday special is still going on, so it's $20.00.


I was really excited about it when it came out on Kickstarter, so I donated more than that, but y'know.


I really wish the Youtube video gave more detail as to how it works, but all I've got is the "intro video", which doesn't really provide too much. Nevertheless, it's about 30 seconds and gives a pretty okay overview.



But yeah, as in-game RP doesn't really allow for longer posts, and not everyone wants their forum RP to be public, this gives a good alternative, I'd think. And it has some pretty nifty mechanics that are rad as heck.

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