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The end of Innocence [Story]

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[Hello everyone! Im knew to the RP scene and wanted to write a story for my character. I am always looking for feedback and would gladly accept any tips you may have via PMs. I will be writing more for this later. Thank you! And i hope you enjoy the story.]]


Rating: 18+ (Violence, Alcohol, Sexuality)


[align=center]The End of Innocence.



The door to the tent swayed gently in a slight breeze that blew in with the mid day sun. The smell of freshly brewed tea filled the area and the sound a page in a book could be heard turning from time to time. Aiden loved this time of day and reveled in the sounds. Her Au Ra sister, Celia, sat in the corner of the tent reading her book while their Au Ra mother prepared their afternoon tea. As if sensing that the tea was nearly done, their father entered the tent and set down the axe he was carrying.


"Mmmm. I always love it when you make tea Mide." their Hyurian father said, placing a kiss on Mides cheek while taking care not to poke himself with her horns.


"I love making it for you, my love." she said in response while pouring four cups of tea.


"What are you reading Celia?" her father asked.


She looked up from the book, "It actually about the Monks of Ala Mhigo and their training. It is quite interesting."


"Well, you should put away the book for now. Your mother has tea ready." he said as he took a cup of tea and handed it to his daughter.


Celia moved closer to her father and mother, sitting down with her legs beneath her. "Thank you." she said, taking the cup and siping on her tea.


"You should have some as well, Aiden." Mide said, also offering a cup of tea to her.


Aiden also moved closer to them and sat in the same position as her sister. She took the cup of tea and sipped on it quietly.


"Is something wrong dear?" her Mide asked, noticing how quiet she has been.


"Well..." she paused. "This is my tenth summer. I am worried that i will not be able to make it back from the tree." Aiden said, a look of worry gracing her tanned face.


Mide moved closer and pulled her daughter into a strong hug. "You need not worry. You have been trained in how to survive and you are a strong woman. I know that you will be okay and that you will return to us."


Belmont huffed and seemed to be quite upset at the mention of the rite or passage. "I don't know why in Rhalgr's name we must tie our daughter to a tree and leave her. It makes no bleeding sense!" he said.


Mide turned to face him, he tail flicking about quite quickly, showing her agitation with his words. "Do not start this right now. This is a tradition among our clan and we must uphold that tradition. Many children make it back safely. Those that do not are not typically find other clans to join." Mide argued.


"And what about those that don't make it back! What happens to them? Oh! Right! THEY DIE!" Belmont said, raising his voice


"Uhm." Aiden squeaked. Both Mide and Belmont looked at their daughter, realizing that they just started a shouting match in front of both of them.


"We are so sorry dear." Mide said.


"We did not mean to shout. I am certain that you will come back to us easily enough." Belmont said, giving Aiden a light hug.


"Do not worry!" said Celia. "It took me a mere half a day to return to the tribe. I am certain that you will return as soon as I did."


It was comforting words to hear and put Aiden at ease. She was not certain if she was ready. However, she knew that she trusted her family and the training that they had since birth. Aiden nodded her head and sipped on her tea, which helped calm her further.





Aiden struggled against the ropes. They were much tighter than she had previously thought they would be. It did not help that the heat of mid day was out in full force, causing her to sweat and pant. Her scales rubbed against her cotton clothes, the ropes and the bark of the tree.


It took quite some time in order to work free from the ropes that bound Aiden. She was quite tired and rested for a few moments in the shade of the tree she was previously bound to. When the sun began to set, Aiden decided that it was time to set out and begin her journey to the tribes next resting location. They would be there for the next few nights and it would take some time to make it back on her own without a stead or other mount. As such, her first priority would be to obtain water and sustenance.


She began her journey through Orthads woods and quickly encountered a stream. There, Aiden set up camp as the sun set for the night. With no sustenance for the evening, she quickly fell asleep with a roaring fire to keep her warm.




Aiden awoke the next day to her stomach growling with hunger. She took another long drink from the stream and then ensured that the fire pit she had made the night before, would not light again. She set out and quickly found a tree which had suitable branches from which she made a makeshift spear. Aiden then took several hours in order to hunt, to which she was able to capture a large bird that had landed in the trees above her. The lugged the bird along with her until she found another source of water.


There she also found some herbs from which tea was typically made. Aiden found herself wishing she had a pot in which to brew the leaves for some calming tea. She picked a few of the leaves in spite of this and began to chew on them, the flavor of the tea still held inside the leaves and the calming effect it had will help to ease her during the journey back to the tribe.


Aiden left the second stream and continued on while there was still light in the sky. The sun began to lower in the sky and Adien became worried as she had not found another source or water. The sky continued to darken and as the sky was just about to set, Aiden noticed a pair of footsteps off to her right. She quickly turned to face the source of the noise and found a large, Au Ra male, staggering through the forest. He was dragging a large sword behind him, letting is scrape along the ground, and also carried a bottle in his other hand of what appeared to be alcohol.


The man noticed Aiden as she had not moved from the spot she had frozen in. His eyes seemed to glow with a sickly red, and a grin appeared on his face. He began to walk closer and closer to Aiden, who remained still, not knowing how to proceed. As he approached, Aiden noticed a metallic smell in the air before she noticed the glare of the red liquid on the males body in the low amount of light that remained.


Aiden had made her choice. She needed to run and escape him. Aiden looked to her left and plotted out a path to take through the trees. The male immediately noticed this and began charging at her. Aiden bolted through the trees, leaving the bird she was carrying behind. She ran with all her might, moving about the trees in an attempt to lose the man. Aiden dared a glance back and just as she did, the man swung his sword forward and jump with a mighty leap, quickly closing the gap between them.


The man let out a spine-chilling laugh. Aiden pushed herself into running faster. Her breath was starting to become harder and the light was almost gone for the night, but Aiden could not afford to slow down for fear of tripping as the male was still behind her, keeping up with the pace that she had set. As she took a look back at the male to keep track of him, Aiden fell into a small stream, causing her to tumble into the water. The male swung his sword yet again and leaped but Aiden was able to roll away to a safe distance, out of the reach of his sword. She brought her makeshift spear to attention towards her enemy.


"You know," the male said. "I just got back from a wonderful fight and was thinking of celebrating." The male looked up at Aiden with his piercing eyes. "I suppose you will do as a celebration gift as well as any ale." The male smiled and Aiden became more fearful of the man. She began to look for exits from the small stream that would allow her to to get an edge of the man. She found it, noticing a small rock that would allow her to leap out of the stream and back into the woods. The only issue is that it laid behind the man. She stared at the mans loose fighting stance and decided that the alcohol affected him enough that she would be able to pass.


Aiden ran towards the man, stabbing at him with her makeshift spear to which he dodged with ease. She twirled around the man and got behind him and the man leaped backwards to where Aiden had previously been standing in response before noticing that her objective was to escape and not fight. He let out a howl before running after her as she leaped up the rock and out of the stream bed.


Aiden ran with new vigor but quickly felt her strength beginning to leave her. The man had finished climbing out of the stream and chased after her with newfound rage. Aiden tried her hardest to focus on her steps to ensure that she would not slow down, which turned out to be quite difficult with the light now gone from the sky. She noticed that there was still light in the direction she was heading. It may have been another clan or perhaps the clan the male was from. She made her decision and yelled for help as hard as she could while still running in full force.


The tents started to come into view and the sound of others shouting and running about could be heard. The trees of the forest began to thin out and running became easier. Aiden dared to take another glance back at the man and noticed that he was swinging his sword for a third time and was leaping into the air. Aiden rolled to the side yet again, raising her makeshift spear towards the man. The man wasted no time in swinging his sword at Aiden. She jump back, narrowly dodging the blade, but falling to the ground and losing hold of her spear in the process.


The man pointed the tip of the sword at Aidens throat, ensuring that she would not move any further. "You really gave me a good work out there little one." the man said, somewhat out of breath. "I was going to let you go, but now. Now I think i will slaughter your entire clan." The man motioned towards the tents in the distance.


"Aiden!" A familiar voice shouted. It was her sister Celia, carrying what appeared to be their fathers axe in hand. "Get away from her!" she yelled.


The man grinned as Celia approached. "I guess that i will start with her. And you are going to watch as i slit her throat and let her bleed slowly. You will watch the light fade from her eyes."


Something started to well up in Aiden. A rage which she has not felt before. The man turned to face Celia as she approached and started to walk towards her. Celia noticed the man turn and threw the axe at him to which he sidestepped. Celia then drew her fist weapons as she approached the man. She swung at him first and struck a blow against his shoulder. He then swept his sword from his side and hit Celia in the head with the blunt side of the sword, knocking her to the ground and causing her to lose consciousness. The man raised his sword to the nape of Celias neck when he heard a roar from behind him. The man turned to face the source but was struck in the shoulder with the blade of the axe that Celia threw and the man was thrown back, dropping his sword in the process. Aiden was wielding the axe and let out another deafening scream before swinging the axe wildly at the man. The man tried to defend himself but was unable to escape or dodge the wild swings. Blood covered the axe withing seconds, but Aiden did not stop. She continued to swing the axe with full force.


An elder from the tribe came running to aid the girls when he saw that Aiden was swinging the axe at the other mans lifeless body. "Aiden! You can stop. It is over." the elder said. Aiden roared and turned to the elder, swinging the axe around and striking him in the arm and knocking him back. "Aiden, please stop. Come to your senses." he pleaded. Aiden could not hear him and dragged the axe along the ground while walking towards the elder. She swung her axe once more, landing a blow in the elders leg. Suddenly, Belmont tackled his own daughter before she could swing the axe again.


"What have you done." Belmont said a look of concern on his face as he held his raging, screaming daughter in his arms.



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  • 1 month later...

Belmont paced back and forth in his tent while Celia watched from one corner. Mide had traveled to another clan for some supplies that day and they were waiting for her to return. It felt as though days had passed since Aiden had returned to the clan with another Xaela man chasing her. Celia was in the process of making some tea when there were footsteps at the entrance to the tent and they heard a voice.


"Belmont. Can I enter?" said the raspy male voice. Belmont recognized it immediately.




The man opened the tent flap and stepped into the tent proper. "Thank you." He had rough features and was taller than Belmont by about a foot. The dark scales and horns on his face marked him as a Xaela while the paint that he wore identified him as an elder of the clan. He had a solemn expression and bowed politely before speaking.


"There's quite a lot for me to go over. You might wish to sit down for this." the elder looked at Belmont expectantly. Belmont did not move from where he was standing and Celia continued to prepare several cups of tea. "Very well." the elder said as he sat down.


"First. Aiden is safe. She is currently tied up and being tended to by the herbalists. It seems that she was caught in a blood rage and does not remember much from the encounter. Second. Oghul is being treated as well. The injury on his leg is infected and his health was not always the best." he paused for a moment. "He may not make it if the healers are not able to remove the infection. Finally. The clan elders and several other members are convening in a few hours’ time in order to discuss what to do about Aiden. The topic of execution has been brought up."


Belmont walked towards him quickly and pointed a finger in his face. "My daughter will NOT be executed."


"I'm not saying that we want to, but she can't be allowed to live in the clan anymore. If she is not able to control herself, she will only be a danger to others."


Celia rose with her eyes closed and passed her father and the elder a cup of tea. Belmont finally sat down in front of the elder and sipped on his tea.


"Has Mide returned yet?"


Belmont looked the elder then back to his tea, obvious to anyone that was watching that there was a lot on his mind. "Not yet. She is supposed to return during the night."


They sat in silence for a few moments while they drank their tea. It was Celia that broke the silence.


"I wish to sit in on the meeting." She spoke so silently that both of the men thought that it might have been someone else. They both looked at each other and Belmont nodded to the elder.


"Very well." said the elder. "You may join the meeting under the condition that you will not speak until you are called upon."


"I make no such promise as I may not be able to keep it." said Celia. There seemed to be a brightness to her eyes, almost as though there was a fire of defiance burning in them.


The elder sighed reluctantly. "Fine. But please try your best to hold your tongue. Also," he pointed to a travel pack in the corner of the tent, "I believe that you are going to need that depending on how thing turn out."


Celia nodded before standing and going to the other corner of the tent, grabbing a few things including a small pack with some clothes and food. She also packed a set of daggers and some bone hora fist weapons.


She then turned to the entrance of the tent and opened the flap before turning to the elder. "We should head over then."


The elder sighed again, finished off his tea and then turned to Celia. "I sincerely hope that you will not need that." He then turned to Belmont and gave a polite bow before leaving out the tent door.


Belmont sat there for some time in the silence, sipping on the remainder of his tea.






The room was silent. Elders and several warriors sat there silently as a tension filled the room. Aiden sat near the back of the tent, her arms bound with rope and warriors on each side of her. Celia sat in front of her a little ways away, preparing a pot of tea.


Once the tea was done, she poured a cup and raised it to Aiden lips for her to sip. Aiden sipped on the tea carefully so as not to burn her mouth. The tea and the presence of her sister helped calm her and eased the tension she was feeling.


"So it is decided then." said one of the elders. "She will be given some supplies and exiled from the clan. She will also be stripped of her name and will never belong to the Tumet clan again."


The other elders and warriors nodded in agreement. Celia turns to them with a stern look on her face. One of the elders noticed and motions to the other to pay attention. "You may speak Celia." he said after he was certain that they would allow her.


"I wish to leave with my sister. She is not strong enough to survive on her own. I also wish to speak with Borte. I would like Aiden to be there as well."


The elders looked at each other for a moment and then began to nod to Celia. She nodded in return and went to Aiden.


"You will need to stay in your bonds. Are you feeling well enough to speak with him?"


"I wish to speak with him. To apologize." Aiden looked depressed at the thought of what happened.


Celia helped Aiden stand up and together they walked out of the large tent room they were in. They proceeded through the village with other Au Ra staring at them. There was another Hyur man who looked like a trader that was staring as well as they proceeded into another tent. Inside was a smaller Au Ra man with a female healer who was sitting next to him. He was sweating profusely and seemed like he was struggling to breathe. A warrior with a short sword was standing next to the entrance and watched them as they entered. Celia and Aiden moved towards the man lying on the ground and sat next to him.


"Borte. How are you feeling?" said Celia.


He spoke with a ragged voice. "I have been better. But I'm glad to see that you are better now Aiden."


Aiden did not look at Borte since she entered the tent. Her eyes were focused on the ground in front of her. "I am so sorry for what I have done Borte." she finally managed to squeak out.


"I don't blame you Aiden. You were not in control of your actions and were protecting yourself and Celia." He looked at Celia without moving. "What was the decision of the other elders?"


"She is exiled and has lost her name. I will be leaving with her."


"That will not do. She will retain her name. She will be Aiden, the little fire." He turned to Aiden. "You may choose your last name. You should also speak with your father in regards to the blood lust. He may have some insight to how to control your rage." He began breathing in ragged breaths and the healer there stated to work magic in order to restore him.


"We will leave now. Thank you for everything Borte." said Celia.


"Travel safe." said Borte as Aiden and Celia left the tent.


Once outside, Celia removed Aiden’s bonds and slides the straps of the pack she had over her shoulder. "We should visit father quickly before we leave."


Aiden nodded then began walking towards the edge of the encampment, towards their tent.

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