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A Guiding Star [Journal]

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A Yearly Passing

Fifth Umbral Moon, 1578


Along the coastline of La Noscea sat a secluded cove, its sandy and rocky beach barely illuminated by the passing of the moon's light above the cliff. A gentle and cool breeze swept in and out of it, fluttering the robes of three figures that stood by the water's edge. Their heterochromic eyes gazed out towards the dark horizon before one, with a small wooden boat in hand, stepped out towards the cold sea. His eyes peers down to the tiny craft, a warm smile growing across his lips as he looks over the stack of memorabilia; a year's worth of happiness. He would stare at it for a moment longer as he procures one more item, a small container of blue paint, before placing it into the boat. With a deep sigh, he rests it against the water's surface before giving a soft push that would set it off towards its long and unknown journey. Feelings and emotions filled the three as they began to deal with the memories that stirred in them:


Zanzan Yanzan. He would continue to stand stalwartly and tall with his father's hat upon his head, his eyes set against the sea's horizon as he watches the craft itself across the gentle waves. In this moment, he would attempt to stay strong despite the tears that began to roll down his cheeks and the sorrow that quickly filled his heart.


Yanyan Zanyan. She would rummage through her belongings before procuring her father's rustic harmonica. With her lips against the instrument, she would begin to play a song; one to celebrate a life lived, the ending of one then the beginning of the next. ((Song Reference: youtu.be/MduJjbcLSqE))


Ixion Quintox. It was difficult to look upon her and tell what she felt for her long-passed husband but her son and daughter knew. They knew the sky would weep for her and it did. Her aether stirred the darkening sky above as stormy clouds began to form and roll across the coast, covering both the moon and the stars as their reflections against the sea disappeared.


A long moment would pass before it was time for the twins to tend to their mother and head back home... Away from the reminder of what the Calamity took from them.


"I miss you, Pa..."

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