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Wyse's Lab Notebook [Journal]


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[align=center]The following marginalia are an assemblage of my research and discovers within my most esoteric and nonpartisan research into the realm of the alchemical and actinic.  A discreet eye is advised for the recondite sciences are not for the faint of heart, nor are they salmon and pumpernickel bread.[/align]






[align=center] On the Synthesis of the Stimulant Opulentus[/align]

A curious crystalline substance I synthesized within my laboratory through the tedious filtrations and titrations resulting in the milky crystal I have coined Opulentus after the plant it was extracted from, the Ochu Vine.  Below is a detailed directions on the preparation of the highly potent stimulant.





  1. Ochu Vines are harvested, minced, and allowed to dry.  Note that the Ochu Vines must avoid becoming damp; rotting will lead to instability in the purification process.  While they dry the vines should be covered in a thin layer of Diluted Vitriol.  Drying Ochu Vines should be vigorously stamped or pressed until the Opulentus has been extracted from the Ochu Vines through maceration via the Vitriol.
  2. The Acidic Ochu-Vitriol solution should be drained from the vessel the Ochu Vines have macerated in through several filtrations to remove any organic matter.
  3. Lime or Limestone is then stirred vigorously into the Ochu-Vitriol solution, effectively neutralizing the Vitriol.  This should result in a curdled Ochu paste.
  4. Into the solution, Shark Oil is vigorously mixed along with a a paltry amount of Diluted Vitriol.  The Shark Oil will extricate a more unadulterated Ochu solution.  The solution should turn a shade of ecru.  This is known as Aqua Rives.
  5. More Lime is added to the Aqua Rives and a gummy yellow solid precipitates, harvestable Ochu paste.
  6. The Aqua Rives is filtered and pressed, the Ochu paste is collected and ready for purification.  This Ochu paste has a limited shelf life and should be purified into Opulentus Base post haste.
  7. The Ochu paste is redissolved into a small amount of Diluted Vitriol.
  8. The solution is then titrated with Chameleon Mineral until it turns clear.  Any precipitate formed should be removed and more Lime should be added to the now clear solution.
  9. The resulting precipitate from the addition of Lime is known as Opulentus Base.  This should be filtered/pressed out of the solution then dried.
  10. The dried Opulentus Base is dissolved into Ether.  Any remaining insoluble impurities should be filtered out and Spirits of Salt should now be added slowly while stirring.  The Spirits of Salt will react immediately with the Opulentus Base precipitating a flaky, clear white crystal.  Note that if this process is rushed, and too much Spirits of Salt is added to the Opulentus Base - Ether solution the crystals will turn a offensive yellowish color, suggesting impurity or lower quality product.
  11. The resulting crystal, or Opulentus; is filtered, pressed, dried, and packaged for use.  The crystal can be powdered for snorting or eaten. 



For a purer product the Opulentus can be redissolved into Ether and then recrystallized with Spirits of Salt.  Multiple filtrations are also advised.


The crystal, when consumed via masticating or through the nasal cavity, is known to cause intense euphoria, agitation, and loss of contact with reality.  Physical symptoms include increased heart rate, perspiration, enlarged pupils, numbing and pinching of nerves leading to decreased bleeding.


I will outline the synthesis of the Chameleon Mineral at a later date, another useful reagent.


[[This is essentially my take on the FFXIV version of cocaine. My process of producing Opulentus is very similar to that real life production of cocaine. Granted, I used the Ochu vine because the climate it grows in and its use in Sleep, Poison, Paralysis, Blinding, and Silencing Potions. Oddly enough many of the chemicals needed for cocaine production are within the Hydaelyn universe such as Vitriol (Sulfuric Acid), Ether, Spirits of Salt (Hydrochloric Acid), and Lime. I was forced to take some liberties such as the Shark Oil. The Chameleon Mineral is another name for Potassium permanganate which unfortunately has no FFXIV equivalent.]]



-Wyse Ceinwen





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