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The Crimson's Edge [Journal/Biography]

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Name: Achana Sonozaki

Race: Au'ra -> Xaela

Region of Origin : Doma [Pre-Game] -> Gridania [starting]

Grand Company Affiliation: Maelstrom

Titles: Heiress [Clan Sonozaki], The Crimson Blade [Reclamation's United]

Personality: Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy... but always with business in mind.


Photo Album: Conquering a Coil

Music of the Crimson Blade - [semi-OOC, but To give her a feel]

- Main :




- Battle :




Known Battle Skills: Master Dragoon [Crimson Spear Style] , Master Dark Knight [Crimson Blade Style] , Jounin Ninja [Crimson Fangs Style].


-History - Pre-Game


Doma was a rather copacetic realm under Garlean rule at the time just before the calamity. There was work to be had within the ranks of the Imperial Army and for one clan, The Sonozaki, it was also a time when black-market trading became quite fruitful as well. The Sonozaki were a primarily Au'ra of the Xaela lineage, but collaborated well within civilization, often using their superior senses and strong bodies in the case of the rare male that was born into the matriarchal clan society. This clear definition and dissonance from the rest of Xaela behaviors was attributed to the fact that early in the clan's inception, they had found that trade and wealth provided comfort than that of simply clinging to the wilds and nomadic tendencies of Othard's steppes.


It was after the end of the war and at the end of the Calamity's after-math that the remaining Sonozaki matron (The other, Achana's "Father", having died in combat during the war.), decided to move the Clan from Doma and whisked their small number to the realm of Eorzea, forming a trade base in Limsa Lominsa. At the time, Achana Sonozaki, the eldest and next in line to take the reigns of the clan was seventeen.


It was after her day of coming of age, she was sent to Gridania under the careful disguise as a Seeker of the Sun, to infiltrate the Black Shroud and try to determine if there were any possible avenue for trade in that region. During this time, she got mixed up in a lot of trouble and found herself wielding a spear, completely dissimilar from the twin blades of the Rogue she was trained as from the time she was able to walk, talk, and think for herself. Despite it's differences, the style of fighting to aim, maim, and cripple resonated with the core principles of the rogue and so her time spent with the Spear became something of a natural thing, and also a vital part of her disguise, which only further made her look like a native of the region...



-Some torn out pages exist, probably lost during travels, to be added later-


... and that's were history ends, and the present begins.

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