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The Naked Popoto (Lamia RP Hub)

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Alot of people don't normally associate Lamia with hardcore roleplaying, cause most people go to Balamung or one of the more larger and well known servers for their RP Fix! Alot of people are forced to do a character transfer or stay in a small group of people and never expand just to get a little Roleplay! Well for Lamia, that's no longer the case. We have a tight 30+ Roleplayers supporting The Naked Popoto Hub LS, and it's growing everyday!!



This is a Hub Linkshell. So basically it's meant for Roleplayers to connect, for Roleplay Factions/Groups/Guilds to announce events, for people to find help with scenes and stories! All Factions are done via Linkshells, no FCs. So you can still play the regular game with all your buds!! If you want an invitation to this linkshell then message Gwynevere Einsvald in world!



cooltext161113654056556.png(Please note that all Factions are RP Factions created and maintained by Lamia Roleplayers.)







This Community of Lamia is relatively young! But as we grow further I will update this LS!


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