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Laughing Mercenary seeks contacts, RP, and stories!

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Hello there, folks!


So, I recently came back to FFXIV with a pal in tow, and I've been enjoying it more than I ever have previously. I've even had a few bouts of RP when I attended an event or three, which is stellar, but I find myself with a lack of contacts and regular roleplay partners. Succinctly put, I need more pals. And contacts. I'll give a brief breakdown of my character in a moment, but I'd like to outline what I'm hoping for first. Also, I'm in the GMT timezone, and while I tend to stay up late I'd rather not have to all the time.


Essentially, I want regular roleplay and a community to feel a part of. While there's a lot of lovely people in the game, it can be pretty hard to get to play with them when you're not part of their group/FC/clique/whatever, and it's going to be slow going if I just RP at people at events. So I'm officially reaching out. I'd like pretty much everything for Raih. Friends, enemies, rivals, employers, fellow mercenaries he can work with, people that he could potentially recruit someday, people to train or train with, drinking buddies, you name it. I designed Raih in a way that he can interact with just about anyone in some fashion without it being a stretch, so if you ever want some roleplay, be it random, a short arcs, an epic tale, a one-shot appearance, or you want Raih to show up to serve some part in a story you have going on; Come talk to me. I am seriously open to working with any of you. 


I'm also looking to join an FC, but I'm not the type to just join on an impulse. I like to roleplay with folk over a period of time, get to know them and their characters, and join if I feel like it's worth the investment and commitment, because joining an FC is a big thing for me. I'm also looking to join linkshells, so hit me up with those if you like!


My character, Raih, appears to be a particularly tall Midlander. He's not a terribly complicated young man. On the surface, he's a laid-back mercenary that's prone to irreverent grins and lounging about, when he's not fighting. Fighting it what Raih lives for, more so than most mercenaries. It's almost a religion for him, and he gets immense joy from wading into combat and really having at it. A real Blood Knight, if you know your tropes. (He's learning to channel this emotion to utilise Dark Knight style abilities, because I love that class, but wanted to see if I could pull off something a little different!)  His morals are a little on the grey side, as he'll kill without much in the way of regret, so long as it's not going to land him in massive trouble, but he's very loyal to folk that he likes, and he's generally willing to help people out if he has nothing better to do. He's a very fun-loving character, he's sociable and can even be charming when he wants to. He's capable of roughing it with the less refined characters, and he's had experience rubbing elbows with nobles and the upper-crust of society. He also has a massive interest in Magitek, so if your character has something to do with that, bonus points!


His actual name is Suvaraih Arcaelis, and, gasp, he has ties to Garlemald. Original, I know, but gosh darnit I love me some Garlemald. I won't divulge much here, but if that's of interest to you, PM me. 


So yeah! If you have questions, suggestions, ideas or want to potentially RP, contact me! You can find me in-game under Suvaraih Arcaelis, my tumblr is raih-the-sword-guy.tumblr.com, Skype is ImperiousReptilius, and if you want to contact me via other means, let me know! Looking forward to hearing from you all.


If you want some idea of roleplay quality, there's a log here that I never cleaned up, and I have some assorted samples on google drive. Peruse at your leisure!

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