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Hey guys!


Need a hand. With the game servers online now I'd like to grab the cutscenes with some kind of video capture program. I know a lot of people here are doing the same thing, and I was wondering which programs everyone is using. I do not intend to invest any money in this at all, so any tips would be helpful!


I was intending to check out fraps again, as I've used it for 3D tutorials before, but just wanted opinions.


(I'm technically literate, just don't want to be trying different programs a whole night. Need something you guys have had success with please~)

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I was thinking Fraps would be your best bet, but you already covered that... The only other program I've ever used for video capture is Game Cam, but I can't really recommend that one... I'm sorry, I haven't been much help, but I'll take a peek around the interwebs and see if I can find something for you!

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FRAPS takes a buttload of screenshots in order to make what seems to be film. The creator made it sort of as a 'hack' in that way. I, myself, don't have a lot of space, so I'm definitely interested as well. If needed, I can provide you with a Pro copy of FRAPS...just....don't ask where it came from *cough* and if you need a site for another program, I have it.

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