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Information broker seeks contacts!

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Setoh Aliapoh, who has a modest reputation in the underground as a capable "cleaner", is moving into the buying and selling of secrets. Word on the street is he pays well, and he's known for never double crossing a contract.


OOC info: After a break, I'm getting back into the crime RP business with an information brokerage. I'm a big fan of bottoms-up RP (where the story develops organically through RP, as opposed to top-down RP where there's a GM), with a lot of experience with cross-FC crime RP. While Setoh plays to win, I like to make sure everyone has a good time and always put the story first.


If you need an information broker, I'm happy to play the part. I'm working with a few players who are playing spies/informants, which would let us make the entire process of getting information an IC one.


If you're interested in adding a little something extra to your play, Setoh pays well for information. I can provide RP hooks that would get you involved in arcs as a spy or informant, or you could simply use a connection with Setoh as background for your character. Your involvement in this little enterprise would be as large or small as you choose to make it.


Please contact me through PM if you're serious about playing a spy. It's more fun if no one else knows what you're up to, after all... ;)

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