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Back Again!


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Hi everyone!


I recently re-subbed to FFXIV after a bit of a hiatus. I played at launch, rolled on Balmung, and had an amazing time on the journey to 50. My roleplay experience was really spotty though, and while I did have some really fun pick-up encounters with great RPers, I had trouble really committing to consistent RP - which was partially precipitated by my IRL friends who intended to eventually join me here, but they just couldn't get into the game. Cue sad me.


We were all pretty burnt out on GW2 RP at the time, though, which had turned into a massive clusterfuck by the time we left (can MMO RP give you PTSD?) I was also stupid-busy with work and grumpy 90% of the time, so this was probably for the best. Womp womp.


I was pretty bummed out when I accepted that I wasn't going to have my usual RP group on board, and stubbornly struggled with the transition from an enjin-based community to this platform as I tried to find a new writing group. Eventually, real life got in the way and I tabled MMOs and role play. I've since decided to give it another go now that I have more free time (and a much-improved attitude). I've started a free company and am reacquainting myself with the community. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point!

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