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The Outriders

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A flyer was posted in various taverns and boards throughout Eorzea. 



Have someone you need tracking?

Something you need guarding?

A Trainer for magic or warfare?


Look no further! The Outriders are the people you're looking for. 


We are a collection of men and women willing to be hired for any of your needs, be it big or small we want to help. The one stipulation is that it has to be legal. 


The Outriders are willing to take on single clients to whole Free Companies. 


Send a letter to N'aomi Kett, Rav Anders or Eyvindr Koltrast and we'll get in contact with you soon!



Ooc time, hi everyone! The Outriders is a small free company looking to grow and get some rp contacts! We're sell swords for a good cause and we'd love to help you out with various rp arcs. We all have years of experience with rping, and have a good grasp on Final Fantasy Lore. 

As you can't send letters to those not on your friend list, you can send it to me here, or whisper us in game!

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