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Hello all!


I'm Rowe and I've only recently moved over to ARR from a variety of other MMO's like SW:TOR and TES:O. So far i'm really enjoying the game and the RP I've seen (creeped on) seems fun and active.


Feel free to add me in-game at Callyn Rowe! I plan on making a making connections post eventually and am currently browsing for a FC to get involved in. I'm still working on a backstory and stuff for my character since i'm pretty ignorant of the game's lore so far. Have no fear, i'm working on it!



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I'm only a day late in posting a reply, you know, no big deal.

Hello and Welcome! First I would like to say, I really like the .gif in your signature.


If you need any help with character creation n' such, I would be happy to help (but I am no expert). You can also find help here and here.


I also couldn't help but notice that you were looking for an FC. I am apart of a FC known as Wayfarers of Eorzea we are a very active FC that hosts events rather often. If you have more questions after looking through that thread, please feel free to send me a PM. ^_^

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