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A Sunny Day in Ishgard (OPEN RP)


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(Thread is open to anyone who is currently visiting Ishgard-more specifically the Jeweled Croizer!)




Riven shivered, burrowing deeper into the fur lining of her coat's collar.  Today seemed colder than normal for Ishgard, something that she honestly didn't think was possible...but then again, the city was built on a mountain, and they were so very high up.  


I may never get used to this cold...  Rubbing her gloved hands together, the brunette peered at the line ahead of her.  The food vendors of the Jeweled Croizer were already doing a brisk business in hot meals and drinks, and Riven was currently waiting at her chance to get a mug of tea.  It was one of her off-days from teaching, and as she didn't have anything else in the way of errands and the like-Riven had planned to sit down someplace in the city with her sketchboard. She hadn't drawn in a while, and the day's weather promised to cooperate somewhat-sunny with clear skies.  Her box of colors and her sketchboard were sticking out of a rather battered leather satchel slung over one shoulder. As the line slowly inched forward, she rubbed her hands together again, trying to keep her fingers warm.


I need a new pair of gloves.

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